The Greater Midwest Rotorcraft Club is a Chicago-based group of rotorcraft enthusiasts, who regularly gather to fly their homebuilt aircraft and to advance the sport by designing and building safer machines.

The club has a hangar at the Lansing Municipal Airport in Lansing, IL, which is home to about 15 of our club’s gyroplanes. During the summer, several club members usually meet at the airport several times a week to fly and build machines. Our club members have varying levels of experience in aviation – from beginners with no experience, to licensed helicopter pilots and certified flight instructors. Our club members have been some of the most innovative people in the world of gyroplanes, including the PRA President, Rick Marshall and PRA Director, Tom Milton

We are happy to see new faces at our events, so if you are inventive, are interested in rotorcraft, enjoy aviation, or just want to have a good time; check our list of upcoming events to see where we will be meeting next.