Top 10 Gyroplane Questions and Answers

1. How much does it cost?
$8,000 used, $18,000 new
2. How fast does it fly?
Minimum 25 mph, Cruise 60 mph, Top 90 mph
3. How high can it go?
10,000 feet, Record over 26,000 feet
4. Do I need a license to fly it?
SOME models require no license
5. How can I learn to fly it?
Dual instruction is available
6. How far can it fly?
50 to 150 miles non-stop, Record 879 miles
7. How much weight can it carry?
Up to 600 lbs (pilot, passenger and fuel)
8. How much room does it need to take off?
Depending on wind and load 50 to 500 feet
9. Is it safe?
As safe as YOU make it
10. How much room does it need to land?
Glides to a landing with a roll of 0 to 50 feet

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